Step One: Contact Your Player Agent

If you are serious about being recruited and you want to put forth the effort, you need to contact your player agent. They will explain the process and coordinate with the Director of Recruiting. This is an important part of the recruiting process. I am here to assist in anyway possible. Click here to Contact Us!

Additionally, we are always looking for qualified athletes to join our organization. Buzz Win!

Trey Holdbrook
Director of Recruiting
(254) 715-5671

Step Two: Setup your Email & Twitter

In order for you to contact recruiters, you are going to need an email and these days a twitter account. It's important to create one in the following format ( Of course, you can use whatever email service you decide on. Email is an important tool in the recruiting process because it allows you to contact prospective coaches once you find a college or university that is appropriate for you. Here are a few email service providers that offer free email addresses. Yahoo, Google, MSN

Twitter – make your twitter handle simple and as close to your name as possible. Twitter is a very easy place to post schedules, videos, and highlights of any kind for coaches to see.

Step Three: Create a Plan

Any plan is better than no plan!! Sit down and discuss what is important to you: proximity to home, degree plans, scholarships available, grants available, coaches, cost of school, size of school, playing time, size of school, entrance requirements, etc etc. Start a list with 5-7 schools that fit your answers from above, that list will change throughout your process but it's always there to help guide you.


Getting yourself recruited is highly dependent on how much you put into it. There is a tremendous amount of persistence and dedication involved in the process. Identify what college or university is going to be a good fit for you academically and look into their sports programs. Cast your net BIG and narrow things down as you weigh the pros and cons with each prospect. Remember to keep your Coach, Player Agent and College / University in the loop with what you are doing. Share your ball schedule, grades, etc....use all the tools and resources to your advantage. Learn throughout the process and keep your head up! Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!



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